So you want to buy some gifs...

You've heard about NFTs and blockchain and ETH. But that's expensive and confusing.

That's why I created
chryspto art

Now, you can easily buy mp4s, gifs, images, project files and more using my revolutionary new technology.

-good for the environment
-very simple to use
-no gas pains (or fees)
-you get to own rare art by me


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Chris Zachary?

Hi, I'm Chris. I like making things. You like buying things. Let's make this thing official.

I'm an animator, experimentor, and the genius between #CZTart. You can find more of my stuff on my website, on twitter. Oh, and I make tutorials on Youtube.

What are CTZs?

NFT = non-fungible token
CZT = Chris Zachary token

What in tarnation?

Mmm yes. good question.

What is chryspto art?

Chryspto art is a brand new technology where you can buy gifs, mp4s, and more from Chris. It's like crypto art, but simpler.

Chryspto art is backed by a secret mockchain token called a CZT. Perfectly sustainable, good for the environment, good for my ego. Join the movement!

Is this real?

Eh, kinda. I just wanted a way for people to buy things from me but not pay mad gas fees. I'm tired of all these gas pains.

You can actually buy these videos tho! All purchases and delivery is through Gumroad. You'll get the video files and project files and you can do what you want with them. Pretty sick

Will you do real crypto art and NFT stuff?

Maybe. Idk, im just tryna have fun here. PS: Do you have a foundation invite you can send me? Hit me up on twitter.